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Procreate for Beginners

For my local friends and followers, I'll be teaching Procreate for Beginners at the Kirkland Arts Center! You can do so much more with your iPad than read the news and scroll social media. Add a digital pen and the VERY inexpensive procreate app ($10) and you've got a powerful and fun artistic tool!  In this class, we'll learn the basics of using Procreate, as well as quick strokes to make your work more efficient. We'll find out what all those weird tools and adjustments do, create palettes inspired by nature and photographs, design repeating patterns (that you can market!), make our own brushes, and even animate a simple character. 

You do not need to be "techy" to be good at Procreate. It's really intuitive and I will guide you through it all. Registration opens Feb 20. Class will take place Thursdays, in person, from 2-5pm in the Printmaking Studio at Kirkland Arts Center.

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