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Sandcastles are Forever
Written and illustrated by Ellie Peterson
Roaring Brook
- May 15, 2024

A sweet and heartfelt picture book about summertime, sandcastles, and the key to a long-lasting friendship. 

For Cora and her best friend, Shelly, every day is a beach day.

When they get home from school, the girls shimmy into their swimsuits, grab their beach bags and buckets, and race to the water. Then their sandcastle-building ritual begins!

But one day Shelly announces she’ll soon be moving to the city, and suddenly Cora doesn’t feel like building sandcastles anymore. What’s the point when they’ll just wash away?

With gentle, heartfelt prose, author-illustrator Ellie Peterson explores the difficult feelings of loss and sadness that come when a friend moves away. Young readers will see that with the right tools—and a willingness to build again tomorrow—who’s to say the things you love can’t last forever?

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