2019-02-26 Ellie Reading to Filimau's K

Ellie’s presentation to my first graders was exciting, engaging, and educational.  She quickly grasped the children’s interest, got them involved in the story, taught them about pollination and even how to draw a bee.  The students were so excited about what they had learned that following her visit we created a bulletin board display of what we had learned!

- Sally Bauer, 1st Grade Teacher

School Visits!

I love coming to classrooms (virtual or in-person) and I fill each session with reading, science, and art! My visits aren't just about listening, they're about DOING! I show fun props, artwork, science tools, and have the kids join me for some drawing too.

How to Hug a Pufferfish Visit - All Grades

  • A reading of How to Hug a Pufferfish

  • What "boundaries" are and types of boundaries

  • Figuring out your personal space needs

  • Drawing  and "reading" emotions 

  • How to advocate for your personal space needs

Bea's Bee's Visit - Grades K-2:

  • A reading of Bea's Bees

  • Why bees are important and why they're on the decline

  • How to identify bees vs. wasps, and honeybees vs. native bees

  • How pollination works and why bumblebees are special

  • How to draw one of Bea's bees

  • Book signing

Joulia Copernicus Books Visit - Grades 2-5:

  • A reading of It's a Round, Round World! or The Reason for the Seasons

  • Live demos (with audience participation) of Sailing Ships, Crow's Nest, Lunar Eclipse, and Tilted Earth.

  • Curricular materials for teachers

  • Drawing demo

  • Book signing

Where Science, Art and Literature Meet - All Grades

  • The power of observation activity

  • Scientific illustration vs. book illustration

  • Invent a life-form and write its story

  • Reading of your choice of book

Prebooks sales are not required but are very much encouraged and appreciated! I can help arrange sales with your local bookstore or books can be purchased directly from me.


VIRTUAL: $150 for one 45 min period. Up to three classes in one group. Discounts for additional visits.

IN PERSON: $300 for one 45 min period. Up to three class in one group. $500 for a half day.

(Potential cost increases for custom programming. Significant discounts available for Title 1 schools.)


VIRTUAL: anywhere!

IN PERSON: Within one hour of Seattle/Eastside area. (Mileage rates apply for locations outside of this.)